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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Surprised by all the hate Fallout 3 is getting. It's not the best RPG of all time, but it's pretty damn great in my opinion. The landscape is incredible. Of all the RPG's I've played, this is the most fun I've had exploring, looting, just spending hours running around the map. The whole landscape have such a miserable, gloomy, doomsday feel to it, it makes you buy the post-apocalyptic setting and it sucks you in. The characters are brilliantly made aswell, dark, moody and realistic, again perfect for the scenario. The main quest is decent at best but some of the side quests are pretty spectacular. You also have to be real careful about saving your ammo, saving your stimpaks and taking care of your health, just like you would in a real life scenario. The talking and interaction with other characters is excellent and better than the likes of Skyrim. Just a really fun game with tons of replay value.
It was good, it just had some glaring flaws and felt a little to Bethesda-ey for the franchise, especially to some of us who loved the first 2 and even Tactics. I thought NV was a considerably better game over-all. But FO3 was fun, and has some really memorable DLC.

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