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R1: The bantamweights open up trading leg kicks. West goes high with his kick but he's taken down by Galvao. West threatens with a guillotine and tries to use it to stand, but Galvao worms around and almost takes his back in the standing position. West breaks off the cage and the reset in the center. Galvao winging haymakers. Galvao catches West flush with an overhand meathook and pounces into his guard, but West seems to be recovering. West pegs an upkick that looks to land but Galvao capitalizes and passes to half guard. Galvao seeks out a D'arce from the top but West defends. West stands back up at the price of a stiff knee to the body from Galvao.

After circling off the fence to break Galvao's clinch, West flicks out a nice high kick that Galvao blocks. West clips off a nice one-two followed by a spinning back kick that whiffs. Galvao connects on a long one-two counter while West is unhinging a front snap kick at the bell. Nice recovery by West, but a clear 10-9 for Galvao.

R2: Galvao flailing huge punches again to kick off the second. The trade inside low kicks; West lands a glancing front kick. Galvao slows down to play the counter game and eats two outside low kicks. Galvao lands a nice duck-under takedown during a West combo and lands in a full closed guard. West cinching a guillotine but Galvao is calm and slips out, but West uses the space to take a knee and stand. Galvao hits an outside trip from the over-under clinch but West is immediately back to his feet and stomping Galvao's foot.

Galvao grabs the head and tries a high knee and West disengages to avoid it. Leaping knee from Galvao lands mildly and a clinch ensues. West circles off the fence and holds double-underhooks, then lets go to dirty box. Another low kick from Galvao, two West kicks are blocked and Galvao swings another monster his way. More kicks from West, all blocked. They exchange hard kicks as the bell sounds. West was busier but Galvao blocked everything well, so I'm calling that a 10-10 round for even offense.

R3: West leads with another high kick that seems to get through. Galvao clinches and looks for a trip, has to work for it but finally gets it. Galvao is hammering down punches and elbows to West's body with a high half guard. West spins for an armbar but Galvao coolly shakes it off and passes to side mount smoothly. Galvao spears a knee to the ribs from side mount, West tries to roll out and Galvao nearly takes his back, but West is back up. The separate from the clinch from another Galvao knee, who then taps West with a right hand, then drops him with a big mother.

In guard, Galvao drops hammerfists while West tries to stay active. West rolls backwards to escape and they clinch on the fence. We have a slight pause as they recollect in the clinch. Galvao can't get the trip and West lands a short knee. They close this round like the others -- trading sharp combinations. I have that a clear 10-9 for Galvao for the knockdown, making my overall score 30-28 for Marcos Galvao.

The judges score the fight 30-27 for Marcos Galvao, who defeats Ed West by unanimous decision.

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