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Originally Posted by M_D View Post
Ok need a new Anime on netflix, they have recently added allot of them and instead of going through them one by one i tought i would ask you guys for any suggestions.

I personally like anime's with many episodes, i hate when i get into a anime and it just finish's

I really like anything, some that i have watched and liked are

Beserk (they ******* need to finish this anime )
Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden (still watcing the new one every week)
Full Metal Alchemist and brotherhood
Cowboy beebop
Sekirei both seasons
spice wolf
eden of the east or exit eden(or some simular title)
Blackblood brothers
Trinity blood
Blood the last vampire (did not like actually)

i have watched a bunch of others but these are some that i liked off the top of my head

if you guys have any suggestions make sure they are on netflix for i want to watch them with a friend and he does not like to download them like me

MD - I started watching FMA (not brotherhood) because it had great reviews but for some reason I cant really get into it. Im about 5 episodes in.
Does it get better or is it just not for me?
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