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One thing i think Rashad has going for him is Jones striking hasnt been refined to the point of it being precise and deadly. If this fight happens in a couple of years Rashad has almost no chance

Obviously the question is can Rashad take Jones down and vice-versa. Conventional wisdom would say they will probably cancel eachother out and if anything Jones has the advantage with his Physical gifts

At first i thought Rashads only chance was to edge a decision, but my prediction was Jones to find his way to a GSP-esque decision

Now i believe Rashads best chance is to catch Jones trying to hard to prove himself and catching him with that big right. Granted he hasnt landed it much lately and Jones defence is sound, but that doesnt mean it cant happen

I hope Rashad knocks him out, but i see a Jones decision and an anti-climax of a fight - hope im wrong!

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