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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post

Rashad doesn't suck by any means and he's a great fighter but you need to come to reality, Shogun couldn't handle what Jones dished out and now Rashad Evans will? I just don't see it, maybe you're seeing something I'm not but the fact that Shogun tapped against Jones says volumes to me.
Hmm, dunno if Shogun is the best example to bring up, tbh. I know Jones smashed him and it was impressive. Incredibly impressive to say the least. But it's not like that was the first time we have seen Shogun broken in a fight. Look at Forrest vs Shogun. Forrest beat him up pretty good and made him tap via rear naked choke. Imo, up until the Hendo fight Shogun was a momentum fighter. He fed of being the bully in a fight and when it came time for him to taste licks, he didn't like it.

Rashad is notorious for fading, even when he trained at altitude, he faded, he did it against Thiago Silva and he did it against Rampage, he held on and survived but it's indisputable that Rampage and Thiago got the best of him in the third round. Everyone will point to the Phil Davis fight as evidence Rashad can go five rounds and he can but we also have to realize Phil Davis is a very slow and robotic striker. Jones is not, Jones is like the Anti-Davis, very quick, very fast, and he's even longer than Davis
By fading I assume you mean lack of cardio? If so then, and i have said this many many, but in neither fight did Rashad gas. He got complacent in the T.Silva. Rashad himself said that towards the end of the fight he had no respect for T.Silva's ability and that almost cost him. It was silly and he ALMOST paid the price, but yeah, he still won.

The Rampage fight was different. He made a mistake with a sloppy mistimed takedown and somehow ended up running into Rampage's knee. Again, I think he got a little too comfortable, but what's important about that 3rd round is that he came back to win it after getting rocked. He didn't just survive that round. He took it back with a vengeance hence why he won all rounds on 3 of the judges scorecards.

It's not completely out of the question for Rashad to take a round or two, and if he did manage to get Jones down I wouldn't be surprised. Jones is gonna have to fight but Rashad's history of fading is fresh in my mind and it should be fresh in everyone elses, Jones trains and even fought at high altitude and he flourished looking great against Rampage.
I would say that Rashad has often done the opposite of fading. Rashad's last four fights are different to the ones prior in that he wouldn't be content in giving up a round like he used to. Before the T.Silva fight, Rashad would spend a round or two getting his opponents timing down so that he could then start doing his own thing. Obviously against Machida this proved to be ineffective, but he has learned since then. He seemed to be trying to get Davis' timing down during the first round until towards the end. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to do the same against Jones, but the longer the fight goes, the longer I would favour Rashad as he has made a habit of getting stronger as the rounds go.

You mentioned how Davis is robotic fighter and indicated that's the reason Rashad was able to go 5 rounds. Well, Rampage ain't faster than Davis either. Rampage was basically plodding along for 4 rounds looking for a KO. He didn't push the pace, he didn't offer Jones anything to worry about other than a left hook-right uppercut combo and a couple of leg kicks. No grappling, wrestling or speed for Jones to think about. Of course he would get to 4 rounds with no trouble. A lot of fighters would. Jones was fighting a leisurely pace.

The Davis/Rashad fight by comparison seemed more exhausting. Rashad constantly having to grappling and defend the takedowns as well offer his own offensive striking skills for 5 rounds was far more exhaustive than Jones attempting a bunch of different spin kicks for 4 rounds.

Also, look at the T.Silva fight. The pace Rashad set got me tired just looking at it. He is heavily criticised for that fight but the constant double legs and slams he hit meant that his gas tank had to be on a whole different level. If he pushes THAT type of pace on Jones, Jones better be ready to answer him.

But then Jones is Smart too something not a lot of people give him credit for but its the truth, further more he not just planning up well for his fights, he thinking sharp on the go and can switch between different styles of attack to made the best of any given chance he gets in there, no lie the guy is a true MIXED Martial Arts mastermind, Rash may have a good game plan but Jones will have 4 great game plans and just pick whichever suits best give the situation maybe even switch back and forth from one to another and then come up with something brand new on the fly to take the finish in ways even he never expected.

I think that creepy Greg Jackson is smart, and Jones is just the vehicle. Look at his fights prior to working with Jackson, he never had a game plan. I mean, it's possible his fighting psychology has strengthend due to working with Jackson the past couple of years, overall, I wouldn't call him a smart fighter. Just a great fighter in a smart high profile camp.

So could Shogun and Machida...they just didn't want to! (Right!)
Hmm, you trying to have a dig at me, Mirage?
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