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You're 16 and you deadlift 400+ and bench 225...what are you on...hahah! To be competitive in anything your mind has to be just as sharp and stronag as you are physically. I don't think physical attributes or learning a martial art will be a problem at all. These days everybody wants to be a "fighter" but is this really what you want or is it just a fad. That's what you gotta ask yourself because frankly not many people your age know what they want.

Scenario: You train at a gym, after a couple of years you get your first amateur fight. You win then you join a smaller some more then you go to TUF. You what.

When I disect the life of a fighter...I have to say it's on a par with being a soldier in the military. Life span is so short with wayyy too many variables. Anybody can be a fighter, but can you become a champion.

What I'm trying to say is you need to have a plan mapped out. Nothing in life is easy.

So write out your goals from now to three years, five years, then ten. It's difficult to plan beyond 10 but it's a start. Also is your family willing to support you because training is extremely expensive and you WILL NOT make money for a very long time UNTIL you make it into the big leagues.

Kamikaze and some other fighters on the board can tell you straight up how hard it is. I never knew til I watched the fighters in our gym train. It's a full time gig if not at least a part time one with no means of income unless you're working on the side.

Best story is Anderson Silva and GSP. The former almost quit til Big Nog encouraged him. Can you imagine that. The latter worked as a club bouncer and garbage man. Humble beginnings.

Hope this doesn't deter you, but makes you think with more clarity.

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