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today was a crap day at work, nothing really went right...I kept finding ways to get yelled at when doing nothing wrong.

I went through two very heavy circuits toinght two 12's at 80lbs. I was getting used to the circuits and found that I was struggling just to get the last 3-6 lifts in per lift on the 2nd cycle.

Tonight I did what would take 4 cycles to do last year. I don't necessarily feel twice as strong right now but eventually I'll be going 2-4 times as hard on my cardio than I did in the past.

I worked on some yoga for a short time, some stair streching, and wall stretches. I tried something interesting with the wall I emulated a push-kick to the head and held the heel flat against the wall for 3x15 seconds with each leg. And did the same with the lateral height like a side kick to the face/head. And I did 3x30 second wall splits.

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