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Top of the page, bitches!
Mon: 3 mile run, some bag drills, got a good stretch. I often forget to stretch after I work out, which is just as helpful as stretching beforehand.
Tue: Doubled up workouts because I thought MT would be weak on cardio, as it sometimes is on Tuesdays. Fortunately I was wrong. 20 min stepmill at the dojo where I used to train judo and hope to again, then pad work with some HS girls who showed up. Jump rope, heavy bag drills and more pad work at MT, then the owner's sister in law tested for her shorts. I like her a lot but I was so pissed off because I've been outperforming her for 5 months (ie the kru has me school the new people just like the guys who've been with him for years and had several ammy fights). Still mad. He had me corner her, which I've never seen him do in a shorts test, probably in an effort to keep me from getting pissed off by the nepotism, but it didn't work.
Wed: rested
Thur: Doubled up again. Worked my ass off in MT because I'm still pissed.
Fri: rested. So excited for no 6 AM work next week.
Sat: Nogi. I worked the most in pass the guard drills, which are my favorite. I love seeing who is hurt by my pointy elbow drilling into the inside of their leg and who isn't. I got subbed by someone who trained with Renzo and said "Omo****inplata!" and everybody busted out laughing. You know how the nickname your BJJ instructor gives you usually turns out to be the one that sticks? Probably because I so clearly want to be badass, my teacher has started calling me Sophimus Maximus.
Sun: rested

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