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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
what the hell do you people expect?

You expect a fight fan to just roll over and say "yeah your right, my favorite fighter doesn't have a chance" ...???

Let's not trouble Jones for this lets just give him his purse and throw in FOTN bonus too because anybody that knows anything knows he would have gotten it.

That's not a fight fan or an "unbiased analyst" (what a joke)that's a bandwagon p***y who wants to be with the cool kids.

Stick to your guns TDK , maybe we'll celebrate this weekend.
Well, I can't say I expected anything, really.

If I did expect anything from a "fight fan", however, it would be a rational discussion about the fighters in question: their abilities; their levels of success; the reasons for the odds being what they are, etc.

I am completely unbiased when it comes to the fighters; I couldn't care less who wins, and when I make a prediction, it's based on (among other things) the criteria listed above.

Not on the guy's attitude.

Not on what a fighter says in an interview.

Not on what he does at some retarded/staged post-weigh in stare-down.

And finally, I suspect guys are responding as much to the random/uncalled-for negs like, "**** YOU", and, "SHUT UP", that TDK throws around, as much as they are his homerific posts.

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