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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
This happened a couple hours ago. My brother and I are riding out to a friends shop in my Suburban when my dog tries to commit suicide.

We're going 35-40 mph when Jennings tries to jump out the window. There isn't a dog or human in sight, not even sure why he did it. Most likely he's retarded

My brother grabs him by the hind legs as he exits the cab like a coiled cobra and I stand on the brakes. Luckily I was looking over that way when he bailed.

Bro's got a good grip on his ankles and as he jerks him back up through the window I'm sliding to a stop. About halfway back into the cab the dog "expresses" his anal glands, covering my bro, my seat, and my console with concentrated "fecal urine out of his ass" for lack of a better term.

Now the truck stinks and the dog had already forgotten what happened hours ago. The lucky bastard

That's hilarious. I wish I could tell that story about my brother. It would suit him so well.

Every dog must try that once. I've been lucky my last 3 were going fairly slow on a dirt road when they bailed.

Now I'm glad I couldn't catch them.

I wouldn't call jennings retarded unless he tries again. You could probably let him ride on the roof now and he wouldn't fall off.

fell asleep in front of the tv early last night so now I'm up and at'em at 3am

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