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LOOKS LIKE AVENGERS CLEARED $281.1 million overseas!!!

Go watch the film folks. It's pretty fricken AWESOME!!! Watch the end credits as well!

Yah no doubt. I realized some of these movies couldn't be developed years ago. Now you can do all sorts of things; green sceen, CGI, bigger explosions, etc. I wonder if there will ever be a remake of Flash...lolz! A lot of the classics are being remade. In fact I think I should make an entirely new thread on this topic.

- Total Recall
- Logans Run
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yes, they're actually remaking this...roflz! This time they're "apparently" from Space...once again...lolz!!!)
- The Warriors (not many people know about this movie, but it's actually pretty good.)
- Dune
- Mortal Kombat
- Robocop
- The Crow
- Last but not least...SCARFACE from the writer of Training Day.

There should be a bet on how many more reboots of Spider Man there will...sheesh! Too bad Dark Knight is the last one Christopher Nolan will be doing. Joel Schumacher really fawked shiet up after Tim Burton. Guess he'll always have the original Lost Boys.

BTW: I just watched Detroit City Rock. A total classic can't believe I missed...lolz! It's about four kids going to a Kiss concert and there journey in between.

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