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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
The thing about Sonnen's talk is this - anyone whose briefs aren't a size too small isn't bothered by it. Sonnen knows that he's backed himself into a corner, but he's also out there having fun. If he loses a second time, he'll be the first man to come forth and say that Anderson is the real deal, just like he did last time.

Chael can talk up a storm. But he can also fight. And he'll still be the number two MW, even if he loses a second time. I'd not be shocked if Silva submitted him again, but I will have enjoyed the ride. I don't understand why some fans allow themselves to be so tightly wound up by all of this. Chael can be a pretty genuine person. It's not too difficult to spot when he's being himself, and when he's putting on a show for the crowd. He ran his mouth in this Q&A because that's what these fans wanted. Where's the harm in that? He's a fighter, but he's also an entertainer. And as long as people are showing interest, why not feed off of that?

Guaranteed that if Silva wins their rematch, Chael's true colours will show when he bows and humbly declares that Anderson is simply the better man. Not that that'll need to happen
Correction: he's an entertainer who happens to be a good wrestler (when he is roided and motivated). Bisping made him look like a complete loser. #2? Eh... barely.

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