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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Well thankfully we have this thing called stats and they don't lie.

43-23, 57-50, and 35-29 striking.
4 takedowns compared to Bisping's 1.

Looks like Chael made Bisping look like a complete loser.

Fightmetric isn't associated with and does not represent any commission. The "stats" they use are not validated, counted, or verified by any commission. Human employees of the business watch the fights and tally them. The "stats" they use are divided into categories that have nothing to do with the scoring standards used by commissions. Eg. when they say "head power" that is just some guy on their payroll watching the fight and saying "gee, yeah, that looked powerful and hit the head". They make no delineation between a "power" strike that drops a guy on his ass and almost puts him out, and a "power strike" that just looks kinda hard in the opinion of the fightmetric employee. They are worth the same.

They use an arbitrary point scoring system for deciding how heavily to weigh each grappling maneuver, and by arbitrary, I mean, once again, it isn't correllary to the scoring system in place. They did that with their striking system too. They call it a "complex formula" IIRC. Which is code for "we made it up".

Oh, and they now have a business relationship with the UFC.

Anyone have some grains of salt?

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