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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Congrats dude, this is awesome. Nervous/anxious to make a big step like this in your life?
Well I WAS. Ive had had the ring for around a month and I kind of felt pressured to do it and because of that I was completely over thinking it. I couldn't decide how to do it. Where. What to say. Anything... Yesterday me and my fiance got in a bad fight. It was one of those fights where you both know you love each other but you just dont know if you going to make it any further. Basically I wanted to change our relationship drastically. (Me and my girl have been "Christians" since we met, but as we have been together we have both came closer to God and I was at the point where I wanted to take all the sin out of our relationship and have a "Godly" relationship. Go ahead and laugh and make fun, it really doesn't bother me. All I have to say is if you ask for it, you will be forgiven) Well she didnt necessarily disagree with anything I said but she felt very pressured, she didn't feel like she was good enough for me, and she couldn't see that I WANTED her anymore. Well she went to work and while she was at work I calmed down and so did she but we both had no idea where we stood. I went to a family cook out while she was at work and my sister, who knew about the ring, asked me why I haven't proposed yet and I just responded with "we have been having some fights and i just want to be sure we can get through them before I do it". She responded with "It doesn't matter if your engaged, married, or just together... your gonna have your fights. Your going to have the make it or break it times but the bottom line is IF YOU LOVE HER and you are SURE you want to spend the rest of your life with her, then do it." It wasn't at the exact moment I decided I wanted to do it, it was actually later after she got off work and we were together and there was that awkwardly, dreadful silence that we both didn't know what to say. It was then that it went through my head "I dont want to lose her. I need to show her I really do love her and want to spend the rest of my years with her AND for her." So I asked her if she wanted to go to a "super secrete" place and she said sure. Well while she was getting her clothes I slipped the ring box into my pocket, drove around town to the place where we had our first date. We had a little small talk about our relationship and our feelings and I proposed to her. At the moment that I decided I was going to do it, I lost all nervousness. It was truly unbelievable. And that's my advice to everyone else, when it comes time to do it, the saying "you will know" is so TRUE.

And I would like to add, I am only 19.
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