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Originally Posted by Composure View Post
Grats pillow.

Last night I got sick and threw up french fries everywhere. However I did feel better when this girl I am talking to said she wanted to take my tall white ass to vegas and get married (not sure if joking). Made me smile while barfing all over.
Good thing you have short hair. However, her holding your hair for you while you puked wouldn't have rendered it much more embarrassing. Please do not get married at your young age; Vegas notwithstanding.

LMFAO @ the Patton Oswalt standup; watched the imbressive prelims, and about to finish my secret stash of smooth smooth Russian Standard that I don't share with anybody; hence the secretness.

I've been all pissed off since Tuesday when my MT kru tested the gym owner's sister in law for shorts. Refer to my training log for details. Today at nogi class, the gym owner told me that his wife told the kru to do it. I said, oh, I'm good enough to school every single new girl who comes to MT, and to get my ass kicked in advanced class, but I'm not good enough to test for shorts? He (the owner) said "I don't know what goes on in his (the kru)'s head. I'll ask him." I said, well, he'll tell you before he tells me, and I'm too mad to ask politely right now.

This was only even in my head b/c the kru mentioned testing for shorts to me specifically several times, as it had to have been clear to him that I've trained other striking arts and do extensive conditioning on my own.

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