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let's be honest 5 minutes here. I've done some wing chun and it was a lot of fun, learned a thing or two and whatnot.

the only times I've seen WC actually work was against compliant "opponents" for promotional videos and students who didn't know better.

Maybe the confidence it gives you, to practice a martial art would help against unexperienced, untrained random street guy.

When you look at "MMA", it's basically (very) a selection of moves from several martial arts, put together in a skill set that would fit a given fighter style and preference.

There are probably a few moves or principles that could be used in an MMA fight, stuff behind what they call the "one inch punch" (which I believe is already more or less there in MMA) for example, and probably a few other things.

But WC as a whole and only style, I don't see it happening. Some actual, already experienced and talented MMA fighter should look into it and maybe find stuff that could actually work.

But the biggest problem of WC is its army of blind followers spilling that washed up marketing stuff that only they believe in. I was one of them once, thankfully I didn't need to get my butt kicked to wake up from that dream.

but yea, there are a few things that could work or help practicing more general stuff in other martial arts.

but first, the WC practicionners should understand that spamming and trolling won't help in giving more respect to WC.

As far as traditional martial arts go, I'd love to see some drunken boxing moves at some point in MMA's future as it uses a principle that we know does work: unpredictability.

And didn't we see AS use a couple capoeira stuff at some point too? and who forgot about that matrix kick from Pettis, Machida and Thompson karate moves etc... extremely talented fighters can make these styles work and pull it off.

WC guys like to bring up Bruce Lee, but Lee didn't stick with WC for that long, he took what worked in it and basically came up with his vision of "MMA" that might have some elements of WC in it but it was certainly not the major component of that style.
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