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Heres whats recorded froms sherdog since february. Went to a local bjj club, it was Gi Jui Jitsu day. Everybody seemed extremely sound and a good sense of team spirit and morale in the air. I first plodded onto the mat, after recieving a manky-old Gi jacket handed to me by my sensei which I took with open-arms. We stretched and did some bikram yoga exercies as warmups.

We continued this for another 10 minutes and our Sensei quickly slammed to the mat, followed by students who then began to "Shrimp" as I believe it's called. I followed and quickly caught up with the rest, which was done for about another 10 minutes. Drill after drill. We then did some passing and breaking guard passes and also picking up your partner and slamming him to the ground to get good posture.

After 45-1hr of this, we had an "open mat" session where you roll with anyone of all levels. My instructor helped me learn to shrimp for the first time by pulling the ends of my trousers and push/pulling with my legs on the insides of his arm to condition my leverage on the mat.

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