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Originally Posted by Mirage445 View Post

Please tell me this isn't the end of your love for Rashad, it's one of my favorite forms of entertainment on this board!


Rashad Evans is by far my favourite fighter in the world, win lose or draw. He could lose 3 in a row and he would still be my favourite fighter, it don't really matter. Seeing him lose is always always going to be heartbreaking, but the fact is I find him to be a very inspriring fighter. Nobody gave him an easy ride, nobody accepted him the way they accepted Forrest, Jones and Machida, but he was still able to become the undefeated champion despite all the unjustified negativity surrounding him. That's a man of real character and alongside with the way he fights, it's what I admire most about him.

I'm not sure what happened but I don't think he used his main strength in the Jones fight. I'd like to see a rematch sometime down the road.

Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
The second round turned the tides a bit with the elbows landing regularly. After that he was really flat and changed into a different mode. I probably would have done the same knowing I WOULD NOT want to give him the satisfaction of KOing,submitting or finishing me in some highlight reel fashion. Lose the battle, but live to fight another day. I wanted a five rounder and I got it so I'm not complaining. Just wished he would have engaged a bit more. He did land a few shots though.
Yeah, the 2nd round def. changed things, I completely agree. The elbows he got were horrible. He did went into survival mode after that, which is frustrating because it was up to him to be the forward moving one outman Jones to the ground. I didn't really see any of his strengths. I didn't see the power doubles or the excellent wrestling he displayed against Phil Davis. I'm not sure why he abandoned his wrestling game but it really should have been a huge part of his gameplan and I genuinely believe we could have seen a different fight had he set up takedowns early on in the fight.

We only saw a hint of what could have been at the end of the final round. Jones is great, but I really didn't see anything that would suggest that he could survive Rashad on top of him

Still, he beat Rashad fair and square. He made Rashad fight his fight in the end and he is the champ. Nuff said really

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