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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Most religions, yeah you're right. The few religions that were not created/used to control masses are the ancient religions of Egypt/South America and of course Paganism, which pretty much all religions have followed and/or copied from.

Proof? Theres Fooking loads of it. First, check out this link. Its a chart which basially, quite basically, gives you information on nearly every known religion.

Christianity, Judaism, any of them, look at their logos, emblems/symbols etc. They are all copied from the ancient religions such as paganism. The swastika, used was copied. The 'evil' pentagram of so called satanists, is actually a logo used in paganism. The Christians over the years changed the meaning of the logo to represent evil, while in fact it was originally one of the many Pagan symbols. Its earliest know use was 3500 BC, so a little bit before Christianity.

Read any book by Dan Brown.

Scientology is the worst one. Created by a Freemason, as I've discussed before Freemasonary was infiltrated by the Illuminati in the late 1700s. Its the most recent religion created to cobtrol the masses. They want everyone to be scientologists. Thats why we see so many celebrities calling themselves scientologists. Celebs are influential, so the Illuminati believe we will simply copy them, leading to a one world religion, one world totalitarian state.

Look at the bottom of the one Dollar bill. Novus Ordo Seclorum. Secular world order.

I've gone off on one here but I challenge anyone to debate this with me. I've spent years researching esoteric history and the mystery schools/religions, theres so much pre-programming going on, through religion, media, social etiquette etc, more and more people are waking up. Don't get left behind.

Question more.
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