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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
Here, then, is an easy recipe for making your own damn meatball sub and keeping the stuff on hand so you guys don't have to leave the house for meatballocalypse.

The best damn sub rolls you can find
1-1/2 lb ground beef
ketchup, BBQ sauce, worcestershire or A-1
bread or cracker crumbs
1 egg (optional)
Parmesan and/or Romano cheese
RedHot or similar
garlic (crushed) You can get it in the jar already crushed, but I love my garlic squisher.
and any other seasonings you think would make a stylish meatball.
Provolone or whatever other cheese you want on it.
Marinara sauce (optional; you can get it in the jar if you want to bitch out)

Man up and squish the beef up with all the seasonings; it doesn't particularly matter if you put the dry or wet ones in first. Roll and form meatballs about 1" in diameter. Put a little olive oil or pan spray in a skillet, heat it up, then brown the meatballs. You can't zone and walk away while you're doing this unless you're willing to reduce the heat and wait longer. When they're done, ie brown on all sides, put them on a plate, maybe with a paper towel on in case you didn't use lean ground beef. Toast the sub rolls in the oven or toaster oven for you freakazoids who have a toaster oven. Put the meatballs on the roll, cover with marinara, put the cheese on and then pop it back into the oven to melt the cheese if you want.

That should get you started. Can I get my wine on now?
That sounds delicious! I'm totally going shopping sometime this week, odds are I will wreck my kitchen and the food will be inedible.. But as my morbidly obese friend would say "if at first you don't succeed, order take out". Ill probably get the help of a lady friend if I choose the non-bitch out method

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