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Started tracking my calories with a slight deficit...about 2500 + whatever I burn in training. Also starting to eat at home more to save money. No goal weight, just want to lean out gradually. Been doing it 3 days, weight today was 98.4 kilos with a dry gi on.

Tech was mount, cross collar grip, knee moves around to head, pressure driving nearest arm over their body for armbar. Rolled the swearing black belt first who prefaced the session by telling me he's the ''dick of the galaxy''. Flopped guard, got passed, I think he got to north south and submitted me, but I may have scambled out of it. Forget. Similar thing happenned but he went to knee on belly but I reversed out and ended the round in a scramble. Purple belt swept me a couple times with butterfly/hlaf guard, I watched video on some passes but I need to review, got armarred at least once, but at least got a reversal fro north south and had a brief glimpse of side control. Blue belt fought from my guard got passed to half then fought his double unders, he got to side, I reversed, took knee on belly, took mount, caught an arm triangle for my fist submission of the trip. Aww ya.

Will attempt to do no' gi tmrw morning for a double training; there was a holiday on monday and the gym was closed. Neat to start adjusting to doubles now anywyas.
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