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Thanks for your resoponse. Firstly this program is desgined to supplement the regular training for fighters/athletes. I work along with fighters and a rugby club to improve the power and strength of their athletes, so that is how I 'road tested' my system.

The videos a purely for demonstration to show that if an old geezer like me can get super fit doing this type of workout, then imagine the effect on a young fit fighter. I dont like those before and after pics with old guys holding their stomach in. I wanted to show that this actually works, and that I can now do stuff that most guys in their twenties cant do.

I like the Eric Wong stuff and think he is a great advocate of bodyweight training. In addition to this my system is also about generating power through dynamic movement and I have tried to explain this on my webpage. When trained correctly, its like delivering a one inch punch without the posturing, this makes it explosive and practical in a actual fight environment.
Unfortunately I am only a PT from London and dont have the resources and sponsorship to develop a glossy training video. My videos are not for training, but for demonstration, and I have kept them short because the attention span of those on youtube tends to be for short snappy videos. The hope is that people will see the value of this type of training and that there are elements they can do on their own to improve their performance.
Did you visit my 'Warrior Training' page at:

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