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Originally Posted by IcemanJacques View Post
Haha Los Hermanos was awesome. I love Walter, still can't decide who my favorite TV character is out of him and Tony Soprano.

Yeah that's true. I just don't know if they ended it as well as they should have. I think I would have preferred something big to happen rather than it being left up to me. Still the greatest series ever but if I have one criticism then that's it.

Haha I want one, looking into getting a big canvas print of Tony with a cigar to go above my TV.
Gus was one brilliant dude. Going with Tony because he's in control. Walter is just a goofy chemist who's gone bad...hahaha! To me he will always be the dad in Malcolm In The Middle.

Dude if you're serious about the canvas I have a contact from a dude that does specialty paintings of The Godfather, Goodfellas, Sopranos, etc. Trust me he is the shit! I was going to order one instead I got a different one with a Royal Flush + Cigar + poker chips by a different painter. Anyways those canvas is around $3,500 USD. PM if you want his gallery link. Believe he's based from the UK now although he travels around commissioning paintings.

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