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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Again, more senseless implications. I bet you could count the number of "Sonnen haters" on this forum on one hand.

Indifference =/= disdain.

If anything, most posters here dislike the grossly over-exaggerated nuthugging his 12 or so fans do anytime the guy does an interview....but it really isn't that much of an issue. The real issue is whether or not people think he's going to beat Silva or not.

The dude is nothing like Fedor was...Fedor was a polarizing figure. Jones is a polarizing figure.

Sonnen is just some dude who caught a good streak towards the end of his career and hired some dude to help him market himself.
Wow. For someone who says they dont hate Sonnen, they just dont care about him you sure do have some strong feelings about the guy.

Originally Posted by WestCoastPoutin View Post
Im not sure if you're just arguing for the sake of arguing or you truly have not clue about branding and marketing, or business in general.

Do you not think that Anderson would benefit from having his name plastered all over the place in brazil, as they try to sell out 50+ thousand seats, would not help his brand? You do not understand that selling out a venue in a city means A LOT more advertising dollars in the city than they will ever put into trying to sell a PPV in Las Vegas?

If these things confuse you, we should not continue this conversation.

Also, as for Chael being 'smart' with his gimmick, I guess the intelligent thing about it is that he panders to those easily amused and to the somewhat closeted racists. There are millions of them so if/when he makes a buck on every single one of them, that makes him a very smart millionaire.
Not sure what you are talking about with the closeted racist comment. Maybe its just ignorance on your part.

Also, what is plastering AS name all over Brazil do? It would sell a lot of tickets, but would not make him much more popular in Brazil as Im sure he is probobly the most popular MMA fighter there. Sure selling out a venue helps a persons brand, but when was the last time a card with AS did not sell out regardless of where it is. He should sell out in Brazil, Him selling out a venue in Australia is more telling about his brand than selling out in Brazil.

Im sure the UFC was looking forward to using Anderson to make a lot of money in Brazil and probobly to generate more PPV buys as the fact that SOnnen was fighting AS in Brazil was becoming a much anticipated moment.

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