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lifting while in a cast

i broke my ankle and have a cast from the knee down. I already have been lifting for 2 years, but I need specific exercises so I don't get tired moving around on crutches for awhile, and also stuff I can do for legs, particularly my left leg b/c I don't want it significantly weaker when the cast comes off about 4 weeks from now. This is what I did today:

side delts
rear delts
chest press
hammer row
lat pulldown
bicep curl (mistake cause I meant to only work shoulders, chest & back today)
kick chambers L leg only (can't put weight on it)
abs (reverse crunches, obliques w/stability ball, stuff like that)
if anyone can think of anything else I could be doing to retain upper body strength and keep my left leg from getting weak, let me know it would be appreciated.
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