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Originally Posted by WatchinMMA View Post
thanks bro. I had a great time on the UG while I was there and was a member since 2005. Things just got too stupid. Anywhere else I look fedor threads are buried.

This place already looks great.. I just wish it had an iphone app
well thats because he is the goat motherf****

seriously though. if you like fighter a b or c its probably better to read and make threads about them rather than developing an aversion to others.

youl always find what you are looking for in the end. if you want to write and read about silva then thats easy. if you want to avoid mentions of other guys then thats hard. whoever you like as a fighter has fans and also probably has massive neutral interest if they are any good. but so does the other guy too.

i have no standing here so im not talking for the site, but it goes that way all over the internet in general.

silva in particular is in for a rollercoater ride of publicity over the next couple of months. we could have everything from retirement to people saying he was over rated on one hand and people screaming for a superfight with jones on the other and posting matrix style gifs all over the internet.

as for the ug, if you have been there for that long then i think its sad you left whatever the circumstances and i hope you mend that bridge eventually.
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