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JDS and Aldo have the two easiest title fights coming up. Also from the sounds of it Hioki and Velasquez/Werdum will likely be the contenders after that so I really don't see how those guys lose. 9/10 chance they win their next two fights.

Jon Jones has some decent competition and he seems to be regressing but he's out of the running. I think 8/10 chance to stay undefeated as champion.

GSP has a murderers row of guys coming after him, and he's coming off injury so he could be a pick but I feel like he's going to beat Condit and Ellenberger. 7/10 I like him but it's a tougher division.

Cruz doesn't have much of any competition but he gets dropped in every fight and that chin is likely going to go at some point. 6/10 any day now

Benson Henderson, he could lose to Edgar, he could lose to Pettis again, a number of guys are moving up to face and you have Melendez and Alvarez who could be showing up very soon. So he is a good pick. 4/10 chance he'll lose the belt in his next three fights.

Anderson Silva is my pick, he's sort of a mixture of Cruz/GSP/Henderson problems. I think like Henderson he's going to have a series of tough tests, like Cruz he was dropped by Sonnen, and now he's going to have a series of strikers coming at him, and with GSP the layoff and injury could have a huge effect on him, he looked like he was in worse shape than GSP. So my picks Anderson, he'll either lose or retire, I doubt he'll be champion this time next year.
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