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Originally Posted by Spec0688 View Post
WWE is a story, obviously someone is taking a Brock loss on there too seriously.

I actually think it plays out perfectly. Brock was dominating the whole fight, loses because he got hit in the head with a steel chain and slammed on the steps, and now Cena is taking a break. Now WWE will probably have Brock go on a rampage on RAW and look invincible, and then all of a comes Cena.

The whole plot in that fight was that Brock was dominating, had Cena covered for about a 30 count two times, but the ref was knocked out in the middle of the fighting both times, and then started having too much fun beating Cena up, and lost.
I don't mind Brock losing to John as it does open some posiblities like t, though i believe it would've been better for him to emerge victorious i won't make the argument here as it doesn't pertain to the topic at hand.

WWE might be a story for the fans, but power-tripping executives like Vince and Dana might see things a bit different as both struggle to charm the "casual" fan.

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