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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Of course they have. The drugs that cause the most harm, cause the most deaths are the legal ones! I'm talking tobacco, alchohol, prescription meds. The meds are really ******* lethal. If a pharmaceutical company tells a doctor that this drug does that then the doctor is inclined to believe. Most of them don't work, placebos, like anti-depressants, and most are harmful.

When it comes to things like cannabis, ecstacy, cocaine, magic mushrooms, how many times do you see or hear about a death that has directly came as result of the use of these drugs? I ask, show me one case. and I'll showe you someone who either took too much or didnt stay properly hydrated. The same thing people do when they drink too much, or smoke too much, the body says, whoa there!, thats too much, here, have some cancer, or here, have a yellow kidney. Its only the trusted legal ones that cause this shit.

The last bag of weed I bought didn't have any warnings about Arsenic, Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Shellac or Acetone. The last pack of cigarettes did.
On one hand I agree with the side of marijuana and mushrooms. however to make the statement that cocaine or ecstasy deaths are a result of using too much or not being properly hydrated is a bit inaccurate.

Cocaine is the most frequently reported illicit substance associated with drug abuse fatalities and causes three times more deaths than any other illegal drug. However, prescription drug abuse has recently passed cocaine abuse as the leading cause of all drug-related deaths.

Are there some people out there that can use some illicit drugs recreationally and not have an issue. Sure. Are there some people that OD and die simply because the did a line, absolutely.

In regards to ecstasy, it is viable that someone can die. I personally know of a case where about 30 people dropped and 1 girl wound up in a coma and died. Its a real bold statement to put cocaine and ecstasy in the same category as weed.

Now, back to your point on Rx drugs. This is where the real problem lies today. It is real easy to go to a doctor with an ailment and get prescribed ANYTHING. The pharmaceutical industry spends more on advertising than it does on R&D. This tells me that the problem is not going to go away anytime soon.

Not too jump too far off topic, I don't drink or do illegal drugs and now I am over a month of non smoking. Its rough, I work in a real stressful environment at times and everyone is smoking. It does get easier everyday though. This thread was absolutely the push I needed in the right direction.

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