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Battlefield 3 is by far the greatest game in the world.

This happened to me and will never be able to happen in any other game.

I was flying a jet, me and my IRL buddy were making strafe runs on a couple objectives. Next thing you know we're in a dog fight with 2 other jets. We team up and get behind one of the jets and we focus fire on it and we manage to bring it down. But soon after, my locked-on alarm is blaring and I take massive damage from the other jet. I'm forced to eject.

I fly out of my cockpit, and after flying up through the air, I start to fall. I'm on top of B but B is controlled by the enemy so I start to direct my fall towards C. After falling a good distance I flip my parachute and aim for the top of a building so I can snipe. With luck I land on top of that building, but I'm spotted by a tank as I go down.

The tank opens fire on my position and almost kills me with the blast, I run for cover but I'm pinned down as the tank is firing rounds on me. I call out to my friend who's still in the jet, and he's able to spot the tank. He takes it out quickly (How he took it out, I don't know.) but that leaves me to open up and start sniping at the engineers on the ground that were surrounding it. I took out 2 of the 3, and with them dead we're able to capture B and control all the position to end the game.

That's battlefield for your ass.

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