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Originally Posted by AJClark View Post
The legal drugs and most harmful drugs have tax on them... They'll never be illegal.

I'm about 4 months into not smoking now. Went from around 20-30 a day. I've thought about them every single day and amd chuffed every single day that for some reason I no longer need them.

That being said, I got wasted a few nights ago and had one. Just 'cause... ya know? It tasted like shit. I can't remember much from that night, but I remember that evil tasting little bastard. Won't be having another one of those in a while!

EDIT: Oh yeah, I have a new demon to vanquish now though.

Sounds retarded, I know. Went 23 years never having fizzy drinks, and now I can't stop.
I can quit cigs yet can't go a day without that f*cker!

Sorry to derail thread.
No derailing going on here dude. I'm with you on the Dr Pepper dude! Love that shit. Next on my list is fizzy drinks and alcohol. I'm no alcoloic and I don't really go out as much as I used to so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Originally Posted by Ruckus View Post
On one hand I agree with the side of marijuana and mushrooms. however to make the statement that cocaine or ecstasy deaths are a result of using too much or not being properly hydrated is a bit inaccurate.

Are there some people out there that can use some illicit drugs recreationally and not have an issue. Sure. Are there some people that OD and die simply because the did a line, absolutely.

In regards to ecstasy, it is viable that someone can die. I personally know of a case where about 30 people dropped and 1 girl wound up in a coma and died. Its a real bold statement to put cocaine and ecstasy in the same category as weed.

Now, back to your point on Rx drugs. This is where the real problem lies today. It is real easy to go to a doctor with an ailment and get prescribed ANYTHING. The pharmaceutical industry spends more on advertising than it does on R&D. This tells me that the problem is not going to go away anytime soon.

Not too jump too far off topic, I don't drink or do illegal drugs and now I am over a month of non smoking. Its rough, I work in a real stressful environment at times and everyone is smoking. It does get easier everyday though. This thread was absolutely the push I needed in the right direction.
Few points to address. First, I think its awesome this thread has helped. Its exactly what I was looking to do. I've got to the point now where I can't actually remember when I stopped smoking. About 6 weeks ago I think. I honestly find it so easy now. The smell when people smoke is absolutely revolting. The whole aroma really sickens me which I'm somewhat suprised about. I can also now really ensconce myself in aphotic bliss now I have no nicotine inside me.

I have to say, if you want to talk about illegal drugs then I really wouldn't quote a government website. Do you really trust your government? If they can lie on some issues then they can lie on any issue. And they do. I'm not suprised some people drop dead when taking things like ecstacy or cocaine, merely because of the horrible shit dealers mix with it. In its purest form, coke and ecstacy (MDMA) are far less lethal and cause far less deaths than alcohol and tobacco. I'm not putting them in the same bracket as cannabis and mushrooms, because they are natural. I'm just saying they are not even close to alcohol and tobacco when it comes to deaths. Legal highs are also very deadly.

Also glad you agree on prescription meds!

The higher elite want us all to be mindless zombies and through tobacco, alcohol, drugs, music and the media they are successful.

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