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The Dark - How would it rank on a list of 8 year old fears?

The Dark

The dark is a dull and black place however it is also considered as a colour. The dark scares kids alot as there imagenations run a little too wild. They think that all kind of things are in the dark, which of cause, there not. Because of this fear, the dark could be considered as one of the top 5 fears for a child of about 8.

Personally, I'd say that it would rank something about #3.

This is because it is a known fact that Kids of about 8 are scared of the dark. Why? There could be a few reasons.

- Imagenations
There imagenations are very fragile at this point of there life as it can run wild at any moment.

- Children Shows
I'm talking about shows like Scooby Doo which has monsters and ghosts in it. Children could think that ghosts are actual real things leaving in the dark just like on shows such as Scooby Doo.

What are your opinions? Where would you rank the dark on a list of 8 year old fears and why?

Hi. This was my first article in the debate club so it was kind of like a practise for me so please don't be a hater.
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