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It's another goddamn Brazilian ppublic holiday today so there's no class. There's a park down the street with chin up bars, dip bars, decline benches so I was experimenting with them with the hopes of putting together a full bodyweight routine together. Today was:

One Leg Squat 20,20,20
Dip 10,10,10
Pullup 5,4,4
Chinup 5,5,5
Decline Situp 20,15,10
Reverse Crunch 10,10,10
Inverted Row 10,10,10
Hyper Extension 10,10,10

Attempted my first muscle up ever. Failed. Will work on pullups/dips and check youtube for some pointers on it. I'll fine tune this routine, maybe split it between two days. I also want to try some bjj drills, I found a real nice video that I'll post later. Ideally I'd rotate bodyweight exercises/ bjj solo drills/bjj partner drills in the morning and then hit class 5-6 evenings a week.
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