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My favourite time during BF3 was either when I shot a jet out the sky with a shell from the tank. The time I was waiting on a chopper to spawn so randomly shot a RPG at the enmy spawn cause I was bored and got a kill about 2 minutes later or......

Me and my wingman Jay were assaulting the M-COMS on operation METRO, RUSH. We were getting our asses kicked badly. I was Recon with the spawn beacon but had a P90 out. I got behind the MCOM next to the little bridge and the pool at the radar station and I set up my beacon, we then headed back to plant and HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD THERE IS 8 OF THEM. Death ensued very quickly and they found our spawn beacon. We were sitting on the spawn menu just watching the 8 of them stare at it. Then they got bored and moved on leaving one dude ready to spawn kill us when we went for it. Then........ he looked away. In the briefest of instances we saw our chance and made our move. I spawned in a flash and slit his throat as Jay launched a grenade into the group of 7 moving as a unit, killing 2 we then sprayed Rambo style, even stopping to reload. In their confusion they ended up spraying all over the place, at each other, rocks and trees but we were Gods and could not be touched by these mortals. All of them died screaming (more likely screaming obscenities at the dude who dropped the ball but y'know). We planted the M-COM and took it out and they were broken. We then went on to dominate the entire game, I have the photo on my phone I ended up 74 - 14.

It was the best game I have ever played. Final result was 54k points (medals for 10k beatches).

I think I'm having a total geek out reminiscing about it.....
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