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Originally Posted by Flencher View Post
So theres a couple of gyms around me but neither one offers both muah thai and bjj.

One school is MMA and muah thai kickboxing

and the other is BJJ

So which fighting style do you like most, I'm leaning more towards Muah Thai Kick boxing, but A LOT of my friends say since I'm only 5'6 I should join BJJ.

I don't know, I really wanna be more of a striker but may I should do BJJ

mma is a triathlon of combat sports. is it better to learn cycling or swimming first? the honest answer is they are both great arts and both critical to mma. as far as self defence goes, you really want to keep it standing if you can and although technically bjj is the more effective in a field with no other concerns, mt with some good take down defence and learning some bjj at the first available opportunity will do you fine.

download and stream everything you can get on gracie videos breaking down fights and the basics of bjj. go one or the other, but learn as much as you can about the one you are not taking classes in. dont forget the wrestling basics either.

if you do learn mt, then drill takedown defence with a friend like it is essential to your health. because one day it might be.

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