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Incredible predictions that NO ONE will see coming. Add your own.

Add your own

Im gonna drop a few bombs so step back.

Anderson silva is a shot fighter. he is 38 and an old man in the sport. he will get tooled ridiculously by sonnen and fans will cue up to say he is finished and was never that good anyway as he was never tested by a good wrestler and his greatest win was rich franklin. all goat talk will stop and will shift to jon jones as the sound of fan bois suiciding and jumping ship paints the night air with screams.

Dan henderson is a shot fighter. He is 42 years old and is about to get decimated in the worst way possible. I mean i actually seriously fear for his health. fedor hit him harder than hed ever been hit and shogun finished him off. jon jones by ktfo and every major mma website goes off line.

Fedor will continue to win and more to the point, m1 will build into a legit rival company that cant be touched by ufc and basically owns european mma. european mma will blow up on the back of drunk football fans from eastern europe who love violence more than pu**y and a loose association with bamma. more and more upshoots will follow the example with brazil being a prime market. ufc will die a slow death and vadim will send dana a . fedor will decline to comment, prefering instead to watch cartoons with his daughter.

Frank Mir will beat JDS. via superior ground game and the ability to finally take a man down. he will stay out of range for the first round and bore everyone to tears. then he will unrelentingly shoot for the takedown and will catch jds for the tap, shocking the world.

Travis Browne is legit. He will be remembered as amongst the very finest heavyweights in the history of the sport. or at least the ufc heavyweights we have now.

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