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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
Technically speaking by posting a public thread you invited them. As such they are well within their rights to say whether or not this thread is worthwhile. And they, like the people who responded who were all making fun of you, believe the thread to be pointless.

And it is most definitely in the wrong section.

Am I the only one picking up a hint of UFC OWNS part 2?
its obviously a light hearted thread. keep your creepy paranoia to yourself son. no one else really had problem with it. and despite your protestations, you still have an ignore button and absolutely no necessity to post or read any thread or even to view them.

Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
Um, who's buttburt, now?

let me guess. im thinking the idiot who came in off the street and started crying about a thread he didnt like is butthurt. gtfo. i mean seriously. gtfo.

what kind of idiot clicks on a thread they dont like just to say they dont like it, when they have an ignore button that means they never even have to view it in the first place.

a total fkn imbecile. thats who.

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