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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
Paranoia? Really? But anyway public thread in an open forum. I can read it. I can even say it's stupid. Which I am because it is. It's not necessity but it is one of my rights as a member.

And this - being that it breaks all of the rules here - is getting reported. *bad russian accent* As always have nice day.
ive made myself quite clear. but as even the mod doesnt seem able to explain which way is up to you...

if you have personal issues then go see a councilor.

if you dont like the thread then go somewhere else.

your bitter little attacks on strangers on the internet are precipitated only by the issues in your personal life.

go look in a full length mirror and find the bottle of pills with your name on them. then take your little e friends with you.

thats about as civil as i can be with needy little cling ons initiating wah campaigns.

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