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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
To not continuously break the rules of the forum. To maybe post something of worth. To not start threads in the wrong forum. And maybe - just maybe - not just sling personal attacks at people especially when they have not done so to you.

So in general I want you to act like someone with manners and civility.
you are posting off topic on a thread that frankly went 24 hours without any issues.

you came in clicked on a threadf you didnt like and then broke into a tirred of butthurt persoanl attacks and baffling statements.

you chose not to ignore the thread or the poster. you chose not to read something else. you chose to post.

you made all these choices because you are ridiculous.

so how or why you expect a moderator or the thread starter to take you seriously is beyond me.

you made choice after choice that tells me all you really wanted to do was derail a thread that no one had a problem with and start a little flame war on the internet.

youre pathetic.
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