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Originally Posted by lolwut View Post
yes. you carried it on. i went out, came back and you were still whinging on the internet.

you ignored the mod. you have ignored two mods posting sensibly on this forum and you have posted off topic and contributed nothing to this whole thread.

you have literally contributed nothing but bile and needy little crying and ignored two mods.

it couldnt just be one of your troll accounts?

ignoring two moderators and posting off topic. you are a credit to this website.

go find a thread you like, go find your ignore button, go find a shotgun.


what do you want from me?
You dont get it. Generally, no one needs 'troll' accounts or ignore buttons on this forum, it is a great forum and up until the past week, very organised and appropriate.

If I need to start using the ignore button a lot, that means there will be more posters like you, which means the forum is no longer any good.

Just go to Sherdog, its full of troll accounts and posts that should be ignored, you'll love it.

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