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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
You dont get it. Generally, no one needs 'troll' accounts or ignore buttons on this forum, it is a great forum and up until the past week, very organised and appropriate.

If I need to start using the ignore button a lot, that means there will be more posters like you, which means the forum is no longer any good.

Just go to Sherdog, its full of troll accounts and posts that should be ignored, you'll love it.
and still it continues.

nope. you dont get it. if a thread is up for 24 hours and you are the only one with a problem. if you ignore two moderators and continue to post after you have been warned again and again by MODERATORS to stop, then you have the problem.

you are not a mod. you do not own or represent this website.

i literally cant thing of one decent or insightful thing i have read from you. ever.

if you dont like the thread then go somewhere else.

you wouldnt even be allowed on sherdog. you would be deleted in a week and that is probably why you wound up here in the first place.

this is the last time i respond to you either.

and if there is an ignore button for you too then i am sending you to join your friend in the dustbin of history.

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