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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I have seen a few videos of it, and I like adventure games, but I hear there are not many puzzles or 'where do I go next' situations, which is. a major reason why I like such games.

That is just what I gear, though, could be wrong.
At least in Ep 1, there aren't many puzzles, and what there are is mostly "look at the problem, search for clues on how to solve it, search around for the correct item/tool/person, bring it/them back and use to solve it" variety.

Not exactly sure what you mean by 'where do I go next', but yeah, I don't really remember asking that question so that's probably accurate. You are usually only in a single "region" if you will (which is several subsectioned areas linked together ) at any given time, so the area you need to work with to interact and progress is fairly obvious.

The meat of the game is exploring your area, interacting with people and items, and making decisions and dialog choices, smattered with action sequences. The decisions range from who to save in an emergency, whose side to take in an argument, how to react to hostility or questions, stuff like that, and characters note how you act, remember it, and respond accordingly later. I was very impressed with this aspect of the game. They did a great job of telling a compelling story and feeling like you had a part in it.

The action sequences are generally QTE's, timed response sequences, and "aim for a headshot before you get eaten alive" style combat.

So far I haven't found any "puzzles" as intricate as old Infocom/Sierra adventure games , and frankly less complicated than LucasArts as well. It's also definitely more linear with self contained regions. So maybe the strengths of this game won't be up your alley. Or, who knows, maybe the tone will change in future episodes.

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