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Today was my mission to pass a purple belt nemesis' half butterfly guard that always beats me. I studied some passes, tried it out before class. Of course he wasn't training today.

Tech was stand up to break closed guard, dive into double unders on the legs, trap and lift onto your knees, pressure them, cross collar grip and butt grip, shrug past legs.

Guard passes then rolling. I forget my first round...maybe I only did three. Got dummied and helped along by a black belt who pushes me really hard and points out my mistakes, tapped to a collar choke from back. Rolled a brown, the one I guard passed yesterday, this time from side control he turtled and I got his back, bow and arrow choke for my second tap of the trip. Another brown belt got dummied me trying to pass his guard, tapped to one arm bar and the rest of the round was survival mode to various armsbars, triangles, and omoplatas. Sheeha was watching this round, pointed out my poor posture, always leaving my arms out, and told me to use standing guard passes more. More specifically he showed me from standing to drive a knee to the mat and step over and basically just sit on their leg to take half guard. If I can get the hang of that I'll be passing much more guards.
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