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Technique was a guard pass, standing with double knees grips, small side step and then lean over to spin their legs out, like when a bus driver turns a huge ass wheel and uses his whole body to reach.

Lots of guard pass drills. Rolling I felt like trash. Rolled a purple and got worked positionally but I defended well and I don't think I got tapped. Rolled crazy mike and held good position and hit a sweep but he defended well and there was no finish. Rolled thiago, a very friendly brown belt with good english, desperately tried to pass his guard to no avail.

Afterwards Thiago told me to do more pressure guard passes and less going around the legs. Showed me the typical pressure/backstep pass but with adjustments to stretch them further and to break grips and pressure fat. Easier said than done when all my pressuring turns into easy sweeps, but I'll try. Missed yesterday because my back was hurting, think it was the decline set ups or the hyperextensions so I'll get rid of that.
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