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Friday 11th May 2012

Going to incorporate a core and leg workout asof next week. Didn't end up going Boxing yesterday, but did some sparring and shadow boxing at home, working on my stance (balancing on front foot) and ducking and weaving. Going back on Tues, next week defintely. Anyway, gym tonight.

Bench Press 5, 8 @176lbs
Neck extensions 5, 10 @44lbs
DB Shrugs 5,5,5 @77lbs
BB Shrugs 2, 10 @44lbs
Tricep pulldowns 5, 10@220lbs
Seated military press 5,14 @66lbs
Standing military press 3, 10@66lbs
BB Curls 5, 8 @66lbs
cable internal rotations 3, 10@22lbs

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