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So, in Brazil we have this video, it's about a Daniel Sarafian and Renato "Babalu" Sobral arg, and, it's without subtitle, but i think. People in USA have to know about this arg, they nearly fought, so, I made a resume to you guys, i'm sorry about my bad english, i don't have time to make it perfect, my english sucks and my grammar sucks more. Hope you enjoy it.

First, Renee Forte said that Sarafian had said that Sarafian did a "guilhotina"(BJJ atack, I dont know the name in English) in Renato "Babalu" Sobral a long time ago, and Babalu looks angry, because it's a lie. So, Werdum says: "Here, we have this agreement. NEVER talk about a olden training with anybody, never!" Delson "Pé de Chumbo" agrees with Werdum. Then, Rafael Cordeiro(blue's coach) talk to Belfort about it, it is the second time that Sarafian said something about Blue Team, only to provoke the blue team with some useless information. Babalu Sobral call Sarafian to the room, and the fisrt thing that he said was: "If you talk something about me again, I'll **** you(I don't know how to exactly translate it, in portuguese is: "Eu vou te meter a porrada"), and Sarafian looked extremely confused about it, and Babalu keeps saying: "We'll run into each other out there"(In portuguese means that in the future they will see each other without all the coachs and the TUF"s people, only they two). Ok, so Renee Forte try to explain the history, because Babalu had told to Renee before the Sarafian x Renee fight, that Sarafian is really good at "guilhotina", and Renee needed to keep his eyes open. But Sarafian said, "i've never trained with Babulo in my entire life, how could he know about my jiujitsu? MAYBE, i've won him in any jiujitsu fight that i dont remeber." But, he notably said that kidding, and Renee said to Babalu that Sarafian had said it seriouly. Then it's this... Blue team keep saying that Sarafian was wrong, but they remember that everything only start because Renee Forte said about his trainning with Sarafian, Sarafian said that he don't care to Babalu, if Babalu want Sarafian fight with him everywhere. But, after all, Sarafian went to Babalu and said: "I've never said that I did a "guilhotina" in you, what i said to Renee was that I've never trained with you, how could you know about my BJJ? Then, kidding, I said that maybe i've won you with a "guilhotina" before and don't remeber." And babalu accept Sarafian apologizes.
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