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Technique was side control to knee on belly with a grip on the collar with your crossface arm. Transition to nirth sotuh with a baseball choke, go back to side with a regular double lapel choke orswitch hands and bring the forearm around for an alternate laple choke.

Did one round positional sparring from side control and rolled.

Thiago the brown belt played good guard game as always and I fought to pass, almost getting it a few times, escaped a few sub attempts and I was saved by the bell from tapping to an armbar.

Another brown belt, smaller. I was aggressive and passed guard, knee on belly, got mount, held it awhile but couldn't get a collar grip and didn't want to risk falling off for an arm, almost got an arm triangle. He started to recovfer half guard and I took his back where he defended to the end of the round.

Third round was a black belt and again entire round was almost guard passes and him almost sweeping me. Finakky figured out how to break a troublesome grip he had on my leg and had the pass right at the end. Good ass class for me.
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