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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Thanks man!

Tranquility is incredible. Some amazing shots man. You're a Pentax user? Nice, how're you liking the K-5?

The wine glass shot with the GF2 is great, what was the setup for that?

I need to branch out into more areas of photography, I'm too comfy and settled in canine photography now. I don't however, have a wide angle OR walk around lens atm. I'll be getting the 15-85 soon though so can use that as both until I get the 10-22.

Did you use any filters for the sunset shot or tranquility?
Thanks The K-5 was a great camera with superb ISO performance for a crop sensor and a killer user menu.

The wine glass setup was similar to this except I had a piece of white paper underneath the glass to provide a reflection:

I didn't use filters for any of the shots. The only filters I currently own are UV filters.

The sunset shot was a single exposure in which I underexposed the sky by about 1 stop.

In regard to tranquility, it was pitch black outside when I created this shot. It is a 5 exposure HDR merge and tweaked afterwards. I actually need to re-shoot this scene as I lost my original files.

Yes, you should definitely try to shoot different things! What camera do you have now?

BTW, I no longer own the Pentax. I moved to full frame Nikon.
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