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LL has himself some lady problems!!!!

I don't normally post in this part of the forum but I figure many different people from many different walks of life are on here so maybe I could get some helpful advice.

I'm chilling in my room and all of a sudden I get a text, turns out my ex from high school contacted my mom through Facebook asking for my number. Good thing right?

Well she has a boyfriend and goes to college with him.

Anyway, she starts off asking "Is this Will?" and I say yeah so she starts going on about how she misses me and wants to hang out with me this summer and I'm pretty conflicted, she has a boyfriend but she wants to hang out with me this summer? We dated in high school and things were on and off for most of the relationship but I felt a lot of love for her but I'm not quite sure if she ever felt the same way she said did but anyone can say anything. She told me she loved me and we talked for a year even after we broke things off for good and we were still telling each other we loved one another, she went to college and I figured it'd be best to just move on but I don't think she has.

So MMA Forum, I need your help what should I do? Should I talk to this chick and see what's up? What if she wants to hook up? Being one of her ex's that'd really start raising a lot of flags in my head "Did she cheat on me" etc, etc. So I need some advice here, what should I do? Should I say **** it and see what happens or should I ignore her and just keep moving on with my life.

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