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Originally Posted by Punishment 101
Who cares , Tito won that fight regardless, he absolutely manhandled Griffin throughout the entire 1st Rd, which had every right to be a 10-8 Rd. I mean , Forrest didnt do shit in the 1st , literally , they start out in the middle of the octagon on their feet , the first 10 seconds Tito rocked him with a left hook , took him 2x , bloodied him up and beat the shit out of him that Rd, Forrest does nothing = 10-8 Ortiz

Rd 2. 10-9 Griffin
Rd 3. 10-9 Ortiz

29-27 Tito Ortiz is how i had it
Griffen too that 3rd round... All tito did was a take down and nothing else.. he did not even get the mount he got caught in the gard and Griffin controled it from his back.. even landed a few elbows then he even got back to his feet.. one take down does not a round make..

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